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from Thom Schoeller Congratulations for "Color Magazine"

Perusing the magazine rack at a Barnes&Nobles in Danbury, Connecticut and spotted the March 2011 issue of Color magazine. Mind you it was the day AFTER Christmas 2011 and the magazine is still out there! Glad I found it. My favorite image you created is "Dreaming of Spring" , Amarillo.

The article was a good read, thus leading me to your website to find we are both members of the BetterPhoto community! We have similar interest in regards to subject matter and post processing to express our vision. Wish you continued success!

Best~ Tom @ Thomas Schoeller Photography Previous Response:
on December 29, 2011
 Thank you very much, Tom, for the nice comments on the magazine and my gallery. I will go take a look at BP for your gallery.  Previous Response:
on January 07, 2012
 Kudos! What a neat way of thniking about it. 

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